As colors enlighten my path, I shall leave my shadow behind

The reality and its exposition appear to be way too distant
when the constant constantly changes, and changes are constant.

My world perpetually reshuffles,
with consistent external or internal scuffles.

After I came out of the shelter of being just a child,
my life has been a consistent struggle to find my shadow in the wild.

The sun above me is the reality omnipresent,
that tries to hold me from keeping my energy effervescent.

It took a few strikes to learn the hack
that absorbing the lesson is another way to fight back.

This is when I stood facing the sun,
And with my shadow behind me, I won.

In terms of reality, it meant
using my past to cement my present.

And not just emotions and blunders;
Opening my perception wider did wonders.

I started to perceive the layers of superimposition,
enabling me to walk on the path of recognition and eventually, precognition.

Knowing that every ray of sunlight is the sum
of every color on the spectrum,

makes my journey even more worthwhile,
as it makes my knowledge bank more versatile.

With every step, I share a piece of my mind,
so that as colors enlighten my path, I shall leave my shadow behind

R. Priya

Be Priya-fied!


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