Every sunrise brings with it so many thoughts in the morning. Every night gives you so many ideas that float in your subconscious, waiting for you to revisit them in the morning. The thoughts could be inspired from a variety of sources, right from the last dream you saw right before you woke up, to the first dialogue you have in the day with someone.

It’s always best to note down good thoughts whenever they occur, so that when you feel not-so-good, it will be a good time to revisit these better times and learn from yourself.

Here, I share my thoughts as and when they come. Who knows, when it might come handy to me or to you! Get Priya-fied!

There’s something that my mother told me that I stick to. And I revisit this whenever I feel I am stuck. She used to tell me to just think of her when I felt stuck in life. And the advice she gave here, works wonders for me. Always. Will always love you Amma!

“Everything is not possible for anyone. But it not impossible either. It is just a matter of time and patience.
Never say not possible and do not leave it at that moment. Because if you do then it registers in our mind and we give up on it. It might be somehow possible tomorrow or later. This is having positivity in your attitude and thinking. So never say not possible.”

Padmavati Ravi

A pure hearted person can have a beautiful smile, which makes the enemy also guilty for being their enemy. So catch the world with your smile, and don’t waste your time on fretting over enemies. Because the best portion of your life will be the precious moments spent with the people dear to you. Cherish those moments as only memories remain with you all your life.

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