Dr. Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” So, you must go where you feel like going. Choose from any article below categorized by themes and subjects, and read what you feel like reading.

First greetings

Parents and Family

Outer Space and Higher dimensions

Dimensions of Reality

Did you know there is a prevailing possibility that we may be zapped out of existence at any point in time? It is true. The answer to our problems lies in the other dimensions of reality. Let’s see how!

What lies beyond the third dimension?

Continuing from the last post, we make our way into the world of higher dimensions. Find out how we are already in the multidimensional world, and just one step away from having the ability to change the higher dimensions.

How big is outer space for real?

My office is 1 kilometer or 0.6 miles far from my home. You get the distance. But do you understand the distance when I say the Sun is 8 light minutes away? In this article, you will get to see space with your own eyes.

Cosmos for thought

The tinyness of us to the enormity of the rest

It is easy to lose ourselves in the presence of the enormous universe. On the flip side, we are the enormous universe in front of tiny atoms and molecules. Between these two extremes, our identity is squashed. Is that how we should look at ourselves and the universe?

Can we reach the unifying force of nature?

Everything boils down to consciousness, which is one of the biggest mysteries. Today, I will go over its scientific understanding, culminating in the unifying force of nature that binds us together.

Entanglement: A new definition of consciousness?

A new take on consciousness stemming from the brain has emerged in the form of entanglement. Does this solve our problem of identifying consciousness, or is it just another aspect of unifying universal forces?

Non-dualism and logic

Is it the answer to questions, or is it just more questions? Do we see a lot of things around us, or are we missing many more things that exist? This is my take on looking at ourselves and our world with logic, not eyes.

Decoding time

Time: Decoding the cosmos or chaos

Keep an open mind and read with true curiosity. Do we know if we have time? For all we know time may not exist in reality. Is time a reality, an illusion or a perception? We’ll find out in time..

Time: Wandering through past and future

Believe it or not, we are closer to time traveling than you think. Read on as I explore the plausible pathways for wandering through time. Trust me, it isn’t impossible!

Time: Wormhole from the eyes of the past

Join me on the final article in the series “Time” where I take you on a journey through some real math for wormhole travel that has always been there in front of us!

Literature and Stories

When I turned into a man!

While everything around us is already unusual and unpredictable, we are experts in making up situations. But what if one day that weird, made-up situation came to life?

Eso sí que es! That’s what it is!

From helping injured children with brains to letting goats escape, discover a series of misunderstandings, some of which may even be new to you! It is quite a David-19 situation this time.

Science and facts

Stranger things in our world

Is water wet? Is light faster than speed of light? How black is the color black? Is there a parallel universe? How much is one second of time? Let’s look at these strange questions and more!

Can we travel back and forth in time like we do in distance?

Many a time, we hear stories from people, or watch documentaries on how someone traveled through time, either forward or backward. It has been a very popular concept for science fiction for many decades. This topic has been told and retold umpteen times in many forms of art and science. Most of the portrayals have…

Why Déjà vu is not to be taken lightly

Déjà vu is more important for your brain that you may think. Is it your past life? Is it a glitch in the matrix? We pick out each strand of information to detangle this web of Déjà vu.

Brain games compilation: The secret life of the mind

Do you remember enjoying optical illusions as a child? Move past them because we have new fun in town. Play along with some new optical, auditory and tactile illusions that you can do sitting at home, and share with friends!

DNA and ancestry: Who are we? (Part 1)

What do you know about your ancestry? The ancestry tests industry has taken over the world these days. Do you know what happens behind the scenes? In part 1 of this series, we take a look at what your ancestry can do for you.

DNA and ancestry: What lies in our future? (Part 2)

Once you have identified your genetics, can you control them? Did you know that there are methods to edit your genes? It can be done physically, using the ‘correct’ frequency or using virus-like particles. Read on to know how.

The Golden Ratio is the answer to life

The constant fight between rationality and reality will always exist. But there is a Divine Proportion that might be keeping a balance between the two – The Golden Ratio. Or does it? And does it mean our universe is one lucky coincidence? Even if you do not know mathematics, a penguin will make you visualize…

Golden Ratio is the answer to life: Part 2

The fight between rationality and reality continues with Part 2. How is the universe so precise? Are there rules which exist but we do not see? This article explains the precision in the universe, and a discussion on the precision of the universe. There’s a major difference between them.

Astrology and Astronomy

Putting astrology through the scientific lens

Join me in the final part of this series in decoding the scientific validation tests done on Astrology, and realize that Indian Astrology has been shunned only on the basis of tests conducted on Western Astrology. Unfair much?


Promoting the “man”kind!

It is time to honor the objective of International Men’s day by making a difference in men’s and boys’ health and well-being. It is time to promote equality in its true spirit.


Do we really have to swear for everything?

Have people forgotten to speak normally that minus this swearing any show won’t be interesting enough to see? It appears that the general population has forgotten to speak respectfully when it’s not even needed to swear.

Is respect earned? Is dignity lost?

Urge to skip the article and read short memes instead? I suggest you don’t skip this one, because it needs to be said that young adults need respect from their elders and not only the other way around.

Everyday is not the same

Everyday is a new day and new experiences await you. The day might have a good start, but maybe an average end. It might also start on a not-so-good note, but end up with a happy surprise. And it might even be a quite uneventful day. However the mood of the day, it is upon…

Break free from your fears

Almost everyone has fear of something. The object of fear varies from physical, perspective to emotional. The degree of fear also varies from natural fears to irrational fears or phobias. It is completely natural to experience fear in life-threatening situations. That is a completely human response to fear a genuine danger. But it is very…

Few common myths to success

Success is a universal need for every living creature, whether human or non – human. Considering humans, we have so many sources in today’s day, which give a wide range of tips and tricks to attain sure success. Some work for some people, some work for other people, some do not work. But what is…


“Control your thoughts, don’t let them control you….” How are you all doing today? Isn’t it fun to read such quotes in the morning? They sound very healthy and hearty. They radiate pleasant thoughts and a cheerful mood. Simply no doubt about it. But then, what do we do after getting all the merry and…

Wishlist for the day….

Good day people! Don’t we all have certain expectations from our day? Don’t we all want a happy morning, a fun afternoon and a satisfying night? We all have a wishlist for the day and the process is entirely subconscious. A wishlist is relative and totally depends from person to person. But basic human subconscious…

Do I look back or look away?

You can face the fear everyday, or shut your eyes off to the truth completely. But that won’t change the reality. The reality is much simpler than the assumption, but do we have the willpower to accept simplicity?

Am I answerable for my independence?

Life is a struggle for independence that you don’t even know you are fighting. Solutions, illusions and confusion combined, all of them coexist within your mind. What’s the way out? Read more.