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Science in ten minutes – The Internet Priyafied

Science in ten minutes! The most challenging science in the most effortless ten minutes of your time. Show off your scientific knowledge to your friends and at gatherings! New topics twice every month and will come out along with the release of the fortnightly newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates. You will need to spare only ten minutes twice a month to learn something new. Also, learn on the go! Each article will be released as a podcast episode as well. More information on "Internet": — Send in a voice message:
  1. Science in ten minutes – The Internet
  2. Unpopular opinion: Mediocrity is acceptable
  3. Time: Wormhole from the eyes of the past
  4. Time: Wandering through past and future
  5. Time: Decoding the cosmos or chaos
  6. Putting astrology through the scientific lens
  7. Answered: Why are stars and planets said to affect my life?
  8. No fault in our stars: The astro- (nomy+logy) truth
  9. The 13th constellation: Did we go wrong on Vedic astrology?
  10. “Being Indian is strange”: Debunking the “unscientific” science