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My name is R. Priya. I am inquisitive by mind, passionate by heart and optimistic by soul. A physicist by profession, writing is my passion. Holding a pen in my hand, is like holding a companion for life. Now that humanity has turned high tech, I turn to my laptop to write. I write my heart out here on my blog, hoping to simplify lives and excite curiosity for all my readers!

Call me Priya! For years, I have been writing in my journal, mostly as poetry, and at times as prose. After years of contemplating how to take my love for language, my appreciation for my culture and an ode to my thoughts forward, I came up with my blog Priyafied, which you are looking at right now! This blog is my gift to everyone looking for inspiration for anything, getting to know mind boggling subjects, looking to satisfy curiosity or simply out for an out-of-the-box read. Like every part of the body needs exercise, the mind does too. And the only way that can be done is by keeping it alert and feeding it new knowledge to keep it “well-oiled”. My blog strives to become the peddle on which you can accelerate your thought processes, and take it forward from there.

The internet probably has millions of blogs that promise to “lead you back to yourself”, “open your horizon”, “reprogram beliefs” or even “cultivate freedom” etc etc. I am here for none of it. I am here for me, and to bring out the ideas that have cultivated me to what I am today, and what I am growing into over the years. I write my experiences with my own thought processes as I discover it in an eye pleasing form and language, which would make a great read! Having said this, if my growth and ideas of growth inspire someone to do something good, believe in something good, or just use their logic to work out life, then I consider that another feather in my hat!

My blog is not monetized (at least, not yet!), and I write to please my thoughts, with the hope that you will also enjoy with me on my journey, while learning new things with every article! So subscribe here and get Priyafied!

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