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The more you read, the more you discover. But if you read right, you also learn! Do it here, with me because scientific literacy is not just science; it is common sense combined with knowledge. With Priyafied, I try to make science as easy as possible at no cost so that nobody can get swayed by misinformation or disinformation.

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Science in Ten Minutes

Non-scientists gather! The most challenging science in the most effortless ten minutes of your time. Also, awaiting your suggestions for topics. Show off your scientific knowledge to your friends and at gatherings! Let’s learn together!

New topics twice every month and will come out along with the release of the fortnightly newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates. You will need to spare only ten minutes twice a month to learn something new. Also, learn on the go! Each article will be released as a podcast episode as well.

Priyafied Newsletter

Each fortnightly newsletter will feature a new theme. Subscribe with your first name and email and get the fortnightly newsletter in your inbox directly! Let’s break the shackles of social media and learn for fun with no distractions. You get access to past issues with a welcome email once you’re subscribed, so don’t worry about missing out on anything.

There are already more than 20 newsletters out there with themes like:

Outer Space

Unsolved Mysteries

Brain Games

Controlling our Brain

Magic Tricks




and a lot more…

And this is an ongoing service, which is completely free! You only provide your email and first name; I ask for nothing else. No spam, I promise!

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